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  • With a enthusiastic team of Electricians in Leeds Wakefield - Bradford - York & Harrogate when it comes to a home electrical rewire you have come to the right place.


We are able to cover from Leeds the entirity of Yorkshire for our Residential, Commercial & Industrial clients.


With over 24 years experience as 17th edition Electricians in Leeds all our work is in scope with the current electrical regulations giving you peace of mind that the work is undertaken to the highest of quality.


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Does your current Fuse Box look like one of these old units with rewirable fuses and no RCD protection ?


What you see here are typical 1960's Wylex fuse boxes with rewirable Fuses. This type of fuse box is not RCD Protected & the fuses do not blow at the stated current carrying cpacity. ie a piece of 30 amp fuse wire may take double the amount of current before it blows. If you have a electrical mains fuse box that looks like this in Leeds it could be a tell tale sign you may need a rewire. Get in touch and get it checked out today. These fuse boxes are not as safe as modern day RCD fuse boxes.


If you have one of these fuse boxes you could also potentially require a rewire of your property. It is best to get the circuits looked at and tested by a qualified electrician in Leeds prior to replacing the fuse box.


What could be a simple request for simply a new fuse box may turn out to be a full rewire if the house wiring has degraded to low insulation resistance readings.


MPS Electrical can replace your old fuse box and entire mains electrical distribution in Leeds, Wakefield, York & Harrogate for a fixed affordable price.


All circuits connected to the fuse box have to be tested and will be inspected in accordance to the 18th Edition wiring regulations BS7671. This ensures all the connected circuits pass the electrical safety test for continued use.


MPS will then issue a Domestic Electrical Completion Certificate accompanied with a schedule of test results and a schedule of inspections.


If you have a replacement fuse box in Leeds then it must be accompanied with a Domestic Electrical Completion certificate. This will have a schedule of inspections, a building control notification & a schedule test results along with a front page that the Inspector signs. No certificate, Not done properly.


Do I need to Rewire

My House ?


The answer is simple, as with most things in life you pay for what you get. If you receive a quotation from a one man band sole trader and it sounds too good to be true it most likely will be.


Alot of trades these days advertise rewires at £2000.00 pounds to get you to accept the price and get a foot in the door, once you accept and they commence the rewire you are committed as you have no electricity and there is no turning back as your house is in bits. the price itself offers next to no sockets in the house like what we offer to modern day living standards and then half way through the house rewire installation you end up paying up to £2000.00 on extras such as shower points, cooker points, smoke detectors, outside lights because you have no choice and just want the job done.


A house rewire in Leeds lets say a 3 bed semi in Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford, York & Harrogate in Yorkshire to the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations will take 10 days (monday to friday) for two fast Electricians, at the end of the rewire all the cables should be capped as in this illustration and clipped above ceilings and beneath floors.


I do not believe any electrician that says they can do a house rewire for £2000.00 pounds, show me one, let me visit it and I guarantee it will full of flaws, rushed poor workmanship and not compliant to the regulations. Looking under floor boards and above ceilings to see if cables have actually been clipped is a big corner cutting excercise to reduce time on site so watch out for this!


We have seen first hand a £2000.00 rewire when our company received a call from a client in despair having kicked the electricians off site for shoddy workmanship, MPS Electrical had to put it right but this cost the client more money on top of his £2000.00 which he already paid. My advice is if you need a rewire on your home or company premises, do it correct first time with quality trades and quality materials, use a registered reputable company who issue certificates. If I had a pound for every time I visit a £2000.00 rewire special I would be retired in the Bahamas now.










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